Fat Foot Films & Rock Your Head Productions

"Joy and the Apocalypse"

Vanessa Leigh, Reza Breakstone, Kate Dickson, Ed Gutierrez, Tom Wolfson, Fiore Leo

Directed By:
Daniel R. Black
Ryan C. Convery

The world has been waiting for this day to come for four years. Tonight at 7:15pm an asteroid will collide with the earth, killing everyone but, a small few who have been chosen to survive and live in an underground colony. A hundred years from now, after the dust settles the colony members will surface and rebuild humanity. One of the first things they will build is a church. Benjamin (Reza Breakstone) is the man who is in charge of designing the first church for the new world. The plans are now finished. All Benjamin needs to do is give the plans to the colony before the asteroid hits the earth. The only thing stopping him is Joy (Vanessa Leigh), his crazy, pregnant, ex-girlfriend. This apocalyptic story is not about the survivors.

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Check out the official trailer, as well as production stills from our latest movie, Joy and the Apocalypse, shot in the Boston area.  Rock Your Head Productions collaborated and produced the film with Boston based company, Fat Foot Films.  On February 12th, Joy and the Apocalypse aired it's first television premiere on MyTV New England as a "Prime Time" event, from which the television executives had moved up from it's original Saturday afternoon matinee, because of their  intrigue and high appreciation for the film. This film was broadcasted to over 2.5 million homes in the New England region. Additionally, Joy and the Apocalypse  held a theatrical showing at the Red River Theatre on Feb 5th 2011, and was consequently well received to a sold out audience of 160 people. DVD's of Joy and the Apocalypse are available now for purchase. We will be posting new media, behind the scenes videos, music from the composer Eryk Jones and keeping you up to date with future showings and all the great things that are happening with this movie. Thank you for all the support, we aim to amaze. 

Please join us at facebook.com/joyandtheapocalypse

Reza Breakstone as BenjaminBen and JoyVanessa Leigh as Joy

Fiore Leo as Devin HarrisJoy and the ApocalypseEd Gutierrez as Russell

Russell and JoyLindaTom Wolfson